TranSpring Video

TranSpring Video

Who controls your Vape product?

The Vape Factory?Or you?
The Perfect Puff - Transpring TSS (Tailored Smart Solution)

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Transpring TSS(Tailored Smart Solution) 
will help find out the most optimal settings for your desired flavor and taste.
Transpring Officially Entered the Cannabis Industry in 2012 with a Story

The cooperation with Open Vape in 2012 is a new beginning for Transpring and also has laid a solid foundation for Transpring's development in this industry. 

In a recent interview, when asked why he choose eventually Transpring to be a long-term partner. Jeremy, the COO and one of founders of Open Vape said: “I think Transpring is just incredibly responsive and Frank is instantly accessible…you wanna be able to be connected with the ownership and feel like your business matters to the ownership. Since 2012, we've always had great quality, great consistency, and Transpring is always under promise but over delivered…”