Transpring Technology(USA)

Transpring Technology(USA)

Transpring Technology(USA), as the R&D testing center Transpring founded in Los Angeles, was established in 2017. Under the strong support of Transpring headquarters in Shenzhen and Transpring branch company in California, Transpring Technology(USA) is intended to provide the local customers with stronger technical support and more efficient local services. So far, Transpring Technology(USA) is made up of 5 outstanding clerks, including marketing representative, product engineer, customer representative, etc. In 2018, Transpring Technology(USA) is bound to advance in the booming industry and make contributions!

We are honored to support you with below local services! 

1. USA Technical Support
Transpring Technology (USA) Inc. is intended to be the R&D center, not only professional R&D testing devices, 
but also technicians to support the idea & innovation will be here.

2. USA Aftersales Service
If you have any issues with your received products produced by Transpring, please contact us. Any feedback or 
good idea for our products will be much appreciated!

3. New Product Testing Center 
Not only Transpring new products but also those we developed for our clients will be tested thoroughly here 
to ensure the mutual benefits between Transpring and our clients.
4. New Project Development Center
At Transpring Technology(USA), it will be more convenient for you to develop your new project with us, free 
from the bother of time difference between China and USA.

Come to visit and talk with us!