CannaMate™ Carboy 510 Vape Cartridge – the Best Quality 2ml Glass Cartridge
CannaMate™ Carboy 510 Vape Cartridge – the Best Quality 2ml Glass Cartridge
CannaMate™ Carboy 510 Vape Cartridge – the Best Quality 2ml Glass Cartridge
CannaMate™ Carboy 510 Vape Cartridge – the Best Quality 2ml Glass Cartridge
CannaMate™ Carboy 510 Vape Cartridge – the Best Quality 2ml Glass Cartridge
CannaMate™ Carboy 510 Vape Cartridge – the Best Quality 2ml Glass Cartridge
CannaMate™ Carboy

Item specifics

Coil Type
Mouthpiece Style
Mouthpiece Material
Tank Type
Center Post
Aperture Inlet
4 x Ø2.0mm
Filling Method
Top Fill
Ø13 x 57mm/60mm
Outer Thread Material
Storage Temperature



2ml Bliss for Sky-High Adventures

Boasting a generous 2ml capacity, our Carboy 510 vape cartridge ensures that users can savor more of their preferred cannabis oils with fewer replacements, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. The design of the vape cartridge is nothing short of exquisite. Engineered with precision, it features a sleek, refined aesthetic that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to hold. The transparent glass tank not only adds to its sophisticated look but serves a practical purpose. It allows you to easily monitor your oil level, so you're never caught off-guard by an empty cartridge. The clear reservoir also enables quick identification of oil quality and consistency, which is essential for maintaining a high standard of consumption.

Crafted for Purity

The use of transparent glass is a testament to our commitment to purity. Unlike other materials that can impart unwanted flavors, glass preserves the integrity of your cannabis oil, ensuring that each draw delivers the unadulterated taste and potency you expect. At the heart of the vape pen cartridge is the medical-grade 316 stainless steel center post. This premium material is renowned for its exceptional resistance to corrosion and heat, ensuring flawless performance and durability. The medical-grade 316 stainless steel is not just about longevity; it's also about safety. This material is commonly used in biomedical applications, meaning it meets rigorous health standards. Another pivotal feature of Carboy innovative cartridge is the Hcore® ceramic heating element. Ceramic is known for its ability to heat evenly and efficiently, affording you smooth and consistent vapor with every puff. The ceramic core also reaches optimal temperatures swiftly, delivering quick hits without any hassle.

Flat PC mouthpiece or round ceramic mouthpiece? we provide a choice between two distinct options to cater to individual preferences and styles. For added convenience, the round ceramic mouthpiece features a snap-in mechanism, making oil-filling and capping effortless and cost-effective.


Customized Solutions for 2ml Carboy

Picture this: your brand on a cannabis cartridge shining brighter than a disco ball at a 70s party. we are the masters of creating customized dreams for Carboy.

Colorization: Dive into an array of color options as we offer a full spectrum of custom colors to match your brand identity.

Logo Printing: Branding is essential, and our precision logo printing services will accurately reflect your company's image.

Surface Finishing: Appeal to the touch and the eye with our variety of surface finishing techniques.

ODM Services - Structural Customization: Our Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services take customization a step further by offering structural adaptations.

1. Q: What certificates does Transpring have?
A :   Transpring has been devoting ourselves to the innovation and producing of vape pens.
Over the years, we have achieved the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, all products have passed CE, RHOS, UL, FDA, REACH testing and we also have MSDS REPORT, Air Transport Report, as well as Ocean Shipping Report . We consider quality the soul of Transpring.
For more information, please email to contact us!
2. Q: How about my products don't work?
A :    The quality of our products will be strictly controlled. A compensation will be provided if your order contains defective products. You will also receive assistance if this is caused by your improper operation.
3. Q: How can I place an order?
A :   1). You can contact us via Live Chat on our website, email to or call +86-13670043215 to get a quotation. Remember to tell us model, quantity, color, battery capacity etc.
       2). Tell us your shipping details if no problem about price. I will send you PI to confirm.
       3). Producing and shipping will be arranged soon after payment.
       4). Tracking number will be provided, and tracking frequently for you!
4. Q: Do you have a branch in the USA?
A :  To better provide local services in the USA, we have established a branch in California. All questions about the company and orders can be answered there.
Transpring USA branch company is located in 19275 San Jose Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91748, USA.
You can contact the president of Transpring USA via email or phone as below.
Phone: + 1 626-810-0071/ 626-810-0024
5. Q:  Can you do ODM & OEM for us?
A :  Transpring is a manufacturer with an experienced R&D team, we have helped with many customers with their OEM & ODM projects. All steps for you to start an ODM & OEM business is just to contact us!
6. Q:  How to get TSS customization service?
A :  1) Contact us and get the TSS Option List we provided.
      2) Choose the TSS functions you want to custom and specify your requirements via the TSS Option List, including how many touches to switch voltage settings and activate preheat mode, voltage settings, power settings, etc.
     3) Get a TSS version device based on your requirement.
7.  Q: Can Carboy 510 vape cartridge be capped directly by hand?
A : We designed Carboy with two kinds of mouthpieces, the flat PC mouthpiece and the round ceramic mouthpiece. The round one is equipped with a snap-in design, so you can cap it with your hand effortlessly, but the flat one will need a capping machine or hand punch to cap.